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Reducing CPU and Memory usage


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I'm running ad-free Utorrent for Windows version Beta 3.4 9  build 43293  32 bit. 

(by the way, it is against my religion to pay for software, BUT the cost of ad-free is WELL WORTH it to eliminate those ads!)  

I have 1146 torrents, 470 of which are seeding.  

My typical utorrent cpu usage is between 20% and 40%.   My typical utorrent memory usage is 130mb.

When the CPU usage hits about 60%, my computer gets very sluggish, and my utorrent only runs in the background with no screen up (so I can't shut it down). 

Even 20% seems like an awful lot of cpu usage to me.. and 130mb is a lot of memory.   Is there something I can do to reduce the CPU and memory usage?  


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