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very fast connection question


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last time i posted here, i was stuck behind a system wide firewall of harvard university's network. i found my way around it and now have a pretty green circle looking back at me.

now, i am downloading a good 400-500 kbps but considering im on such a fast network as harvard's where u can easily download 3 megs a second direct links, i think i should be seeing higher speeds

how fast i went from taking 50kbps for granted and now not satisfied with 500

anyway, im uploading at 500

it almost seems like im capped at connecting to less then 60 peers per torrent

this connection has much potential so how can i milk such a fat pipe for all its worth?

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Network administrators for universities will limit the amount of bandwidth that one client can get.

At my previous university, everyone was limited to 10Mbps up and down.

I wouldn't really worry about "monopolizing" the shared bandwidth.

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It's only really a problem if it's against school policy.

But however much bandwidth is given would easily add up to more than available if everyone were to try to use that amount at once.

Lastly, if you're downloading at 500 KB/sec then it's possible that's nearly all the spare upload bandwidth all the seeds+peers have to give you.

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