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DD-WRT and HyperWRT Thibor Startup scripts


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Perhaps the FAQ should be modified to be a bit more clear. Case in point:

Neither DD-WRT v23+ nor DD-WRT Thibor14+ require these steps, but older versions of HyperWRT tofu/Thibor and DD-WRT do. The following are for HyperWRT tofu and older Thibors.

Then the startup scripts are listed. It seems to me that it is unclear as to whether you need to use the start up scripts for DD-WRT v23+ or Hyper-WRT Thibor 14+.

I don't even know. :|

Edit: It looks like with Thibor 15c, you don't need the startup script at all. I'm still unsure about DD-WRT 23+

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