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External Firewall Problems


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Hey guys

I am having trouble with my speeds with Utorrent.

The annoying thing is that I used to get acceptable speeds in older version. I think it was about 1.4 that I was getting fast speeds and good connections. But ever since I updated I have been capped at around the 10kb- 15kb level.

I have tried many many things to fix this problem. And I realise that alot of these problems are caused by firewalls. My problem is that I use an external firewall (I.e. A computer devoted solely to being a firewall). Smoothwall is the program (i believe). But it would be nothing short of a colossal pain in the ass to access the computer housing the firewall in order to change the preferences to allow utorrent to function.

And I'm forbidden to unplug the firewall because my dad is convinced that that if the firewall is unplugged for even half a second every hacker and virus on the internet will seek access to our network.

So my question is: Is there a tip/trick to get around firewall issues without removing the firewall?

I.e. is there some way I can trick the firewall?

Thanks in advance! :)

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