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torrent error


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I have a torrent download stuck at 97.2 % with a red cross icon before the name of the torrent (i.e.,error in torrent)

Under the status column,the comments are:


Thats all.Hence I was not able to conclude a meaningful search on the forum threads before posting this.

This is the first time this has happened.

And I do not know if this is relevant information or not but I thought I should point it out: My maximum no of downloads at any time is set to

2. (and I "added" a torrent for downloading when the existing two were already in progress.I did not pause one of these two before adding the new one,but did so immediately afterwards).

I would like to know if this particular download is now entirely corrupted or any other solution is there. :(

EDIT:Somehow the error message has appeared in its entirety and it is saying: "error:files missing from job.Please re-check."


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Thanks for the reply.

Actually,the option you specified viz.,...Advanced >Set download location is "greyed out" i.e.,inactive.

So I just right-clicked the particular torrent and chose "force re-check" from the drop-down menu.

Actually I was wary of losing the 97% of already downloaded data and was not planning on doing anything "forced" but surprisingly,force re-check just did the trick !! :)

It went about re-checking already downloaded data and then began downloading from where it left it last time.

Thanks! :)

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