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utorrent 1.6 d/ls and u/ls despite no torrent?


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Hi -

I'm not sure if this has been answered elsewhere (I couldn't find it)... Anyway...so I had partially downloaded ubuntu, but I cancelled it (Remove --> Torrent + Data). The next time I opened utorrent, there were 0 torrents in the list (of any sort - active, downloading, etc.). This was as expected. However, I was still downloading for some reason. At the bottom of the screen, I had...

DHT: 201 nodes (Updating)

D: 1.0 kB/s (total: 83.2 kB)

U: 1.0 kB/s (total: 79.7 kB)

And the speed tab had my red and green lines rising at a steady rate! Normally, this'd be a good thing...but I'm a little concerned... Any ideas? Is this normal?


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