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Needs about 923847 seeds


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Alright, I know this is probably just an overly-basic problem but I'm new to the world of torrents so here goes...

So far in using uTorrent I've tried to get about 30-40 torrents off of 6 or 7 different sites. 2 of them have actually downloaded. The two that worked were the ones that had triple digit seeds...for instance I tried to download a file with 43 seeds and when it came up in uTorrent the status was "Downloading" but under the seeds column it said "0 (0)", so obviously the down speed was 0kb/s.

What's going on? I hate to go back to LimeWire but it seems like there's a grand total of about 12 torrents that I can actually download so...


I just found another one that would download... no problem with it but just thought that I would mention that while uTorrent seems to think there are 0 seeds it is downloading it at 235 kb/s...


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...and no greater than 65535. :D

You have to port-forward routers and some router/modem combos AND add firewall-allow rules to all software firewalls...or just remove the software firewalls completely using uninstall. (Most are junk that only give the illusion of protection.)

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