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Download specific file(s) from multi file torrent


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Not sure if this is posted in the right place - you guys seem pretty competent so I am sure it will get moved if need be...



Sometimes I want to download just a specific file from a large collection of files. I like VST's and sometimes they are very small (sub MB) buried in a file that is multiple GB large.

I realise I can select 'don't download' from the preferences (and options), but it still seems to have trouble.

It ends up getting a bunch of partial downloads from lots of files (either side of the one I want?).

Sometimes it even says download done, but my file hasn't been downloaded at all. I have to restart utorrent and let it have another go where it starts downloading partials again. And still manages to miss my file?

I realise this might be a hard problem (as apparently, Utorrent doesn't respect file boundaries or something?), but I can't be only one having it?

What is the solution? Is there a...

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When a torrent is created, the files are divided into pieces that don't necessarily respect file boundaries.  So to get all of File 3, you may get some of file two that's in the piece with the beginning of File 3, and some of File 4, which is in the piece with the end of File 3.  You can't do anything about that, except delete the unwanted stuff after you stop seeding. Don't do this while seeding, or the program will just download them again, as you'll be missing data.

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