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Utorrent seems to overload my modem all of a sudden?


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I've been using Utorrent for months...no problem. All of a sudden, about a month ago, I noticed my DSL connection was slowing down, intermittently...One day it would be slow, the next day back to normal. Then about a week ago, it was barely at dialup speed.

I spent about three frustrating hours with the lovely Verizon tech squad based somewhere in the Philippines and they determined that my modem was overloaded and needed to be replaced. Okay, I've ordered the new modem...but my connection is still running and though slow, I can still load pages.

I was downloading on Usenet at the same time I was seeding on Utorrent. I was barely getting 17 kb/s. Then for some reason I decided to pause utorrent....voila! I was back! The Usenet sprung back to 350kb/s.

So I experimented, turned Utorrent on and off...and each time as soon as I paused my seeding torrents, my connection went back to normal. With Utorrent paused, I am getting download of 2.81 mb/ps. Utorrent running, I get 28.8 kb/ps.

Does anyone know what this means?

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I think I figured out what was wrong....just in case someone else is having the same problem... The download and upload speeds were set to unlimited. As soon as I lowered them, everything went back to normal.

That's why when I paused utorrent I had the same effect.

I had inadvertently given utorrent all my bandwidth.

Hope this helps someone else......because now I own two modems! LOL

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