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massively low download speeds


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µTorrent always gives me speeds of around 5-7 KB/s on running torrents which has around 60 (1400) seeders.. whereas when i run downloads on ftp using flashget my average speed is around 25-30 kbps (touching 40 sometimes)..

i mostly see a yellow triangle in the bar at bottom(sometimes a red circle with "!"). i am connected to internet by a dual EDGE connection using 2 cellphones as modems(that's ~ 512/512 Kbps DSL since i edge connection = 236.8kbps down and 236.8 up).. so probably that means i do not need(/can not potentially) use forwarded ports..

what should i do to get better speeds??

PS : if you do not know about using EDGE for connecting to the internet then you can treat it as a regular dial up connection which has 473.6 kbps up and 473.6 kbps down speeds..


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