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Getting transfers for less than half of the seeds connected to+slow dl


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Hey, my torrents never reach speeds above 40kB/s and most of the seeds I'm connected to are not transferring anything to me at all. Is this normal?

Also, a huge number of these seeds have speeds of less than 1kB/s - which I also think could be normal, but will need some assurance.

The torrent I tested was the Open Office torrent, which SHOULD have maxed out but it only stayed at the 20-35 kB/s range.

My internet connection is 4000/256 kb

I have the green icon - all ports TCP and UDP have been forwarded for both DHT and Torrents (port 55000)

No firewall of any sort. (disabled windows firewall completely)

I've done the lvllord patching to 140, net.max_halfopen set to *128.

lazy_bitfield set to *false.

disconnect_inactive_interval set to *600.

Global_maximum_number_of_connections: 130

Maximum peers per torrent: 70

Upload slots per torrent: 3

DHT: enabled

Peer exchange: enabled

Encryption: Enabled + Allow incoming legacy connections

Global max upload rate: 22 kB/s

Global max download rate: 450 kB/s

ISP behind a transparent proxy, so I set IP/Hostname to report to tracker to my IP.

The rest are all at default.

As for the ISP, my friends on the same ISP have gotten speeds above 450kB/s before, so I believe its not a problem with this.

Here is the image of the download in progress.


Thank you!

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Alright, set max_halfopen to 80 this time, disconnect interval changed back to 300, DHT disabled and download rate unlimited.

UPnP also disabled.

Thanks Ultima, I'll check to see if the speeds improve.

If anyone has more suggestions, please do post :)

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