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Port Fowarding IP problem


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I am having difficulty with port forwarding. Well, port forwarding past my router.

Explanation: Utorrent speedguide checks for the port, but at the IP address for the internet service. It isn't looking at my router. Why is this, and what can I do about it? I queried and verified the identy of the IP that speedguide is checking, and it is the ISP's. One check referenced the NTT mbone (which I believe is kind of the fiberoptics backbone here in Japan(?))

Interestingly, one file downloaded at about 570Kbs, but other than this speeds remain low, some trackers remain red while others change to green at some point. The predominant tracker error is target machine refusal--doubtless the query being directed at the ISP and not me. Changing the setting to direct trackers to my IP address seemed to help sometimes. Also, a seed on a torrent with very little activity says it is snubbed (DS HE) but I don't think it should be.

I hope this isn't too long; any help greatly appreciated. First time to post anywhere, so alert me to errors/poor etiquette.

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