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Port forwarding but still not working.


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I have a problem with uTorrent. I have a Sweex router(LC000070)and I heard that you need to choose a port and open that port. Well I chose 53956. And I opened it via mine Router "website" (virtual Server etc.).

But still my downloads doesn't go any faster. I also tried Special AP but when I type the port number and click 'enable' It won't do much. The port isen't open then. And I don't know what to type in "Trigger"

Please help me.

Tnx in advance.

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I just chose new port and open that one. My speed is now going about 22 KB/s but there is still a red ball below the screen. IS this some kind of a bug or something or does it suppose to go faster than this? Gonna check how the torrent is.

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