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Request NEW field to sort on.. DURATION


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On the line "Name, #, Size, Selected Size, Completed, Downloaded, Remaining, Status, Health, Down Speed, Up Speed, ETA, Seeds, Peers, etc."  it would be nice to have a column for DURATION of a video.  I realize that not all videos have an extractable duration, but most do.

This would be very helpful in getting rid of duplicate videos that have different sizes / resolutions / names, but the same DURATION.   Some sites post the same videos in 4 different resolutions but with the exact same duration at different qualities.  I don't like the tiny one's which tend to be fuzzy and blurry.. nor do I like the one's that are excessively large.  

There are 34 categories now.. 1 more wouldn't hurt!  Or.. replace one of the existing 34 categories such as Debug or Episode


I happen to prefer 720p for almost everything, and don't like to have videos larger than 1080p nor smaller than 480p.  

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