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Port foreward not working


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i have utorrent 1.6 i have port foreward my port on my modem/router it did not work. i tryed the steps on www.portforeward.com it did not work. the port test says that the port is blocked. i tryed soe other things put they did not work.

i am running windows 2000 pro with sp4

no firewall (that i know of)

netcomm NB1300 plus 4 modem/router

can some one help

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Do you have to set your upload speed DOWN to 6 KB/sec or UP to 6 KB/sec ...or get slowed downloads?

If 6 KB/sec upload speed is the fastest you can run, you may have a very slow line with lots of overload problems -- and probably need to reduce your max connections at once as well as half-open limit.

If you have to raise upload speed to 6 KB/sec, then things may be working as designed -- as BitTorrent can ONLY function as a whole if everyone shares. The sum of EVERYONE's download is actually less than the sum of everyone's upload -- so if people upload slowly, where are the fast download speeds supposed to come from?

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