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seeding issues


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hi there, im new to these boards.

i've been using uTorrent for some time now, but only recently have i needed to seed my own files.

the problem is, my uploading is ridiculously slow.

i download quickly (300kB/s) but my uploading sits at around 2kb/s or whatever.

i'm using uTorrent 1.6, i'm using a linksys wrt54g with DD-WRT v23 firmware and i have the ports forwarded. also, im running windows xp home sp1, and my isp is rogers (extreme)

i read through the sticky at the top, but i dont see anyone with the same issue as me, since my download speeds are excellent.

any insight on this situation would be helpful. thanks

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As of sometime around may (more recently in some areas), Rogers has been throttling encrypted torrent traffic as well as unencrypted. My upload speeds have gone all the way down to exactly where they were before encryption was implemented.

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