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I'm on Windows 10 PRO at latest update;
my ISP is Eolo, also knows as NGI in Italy,
I'm with uTorrentPRO 3.5.5 build 45966;
I use only Windows Firewall and Antivirus.

I cannot access to BitTorrent Speed web-interface, since I get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on every browser.
The link is, the one that the browser tries to open when I click on "Speed" button inside uTorrent.
Sometimes the site loads fine, but it is only on first access, if I refresh, I incur in the above problem.
I also have a pending operation with BTT from in-app to my wallet, but it is reported as "pending" since 31/03/21.


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I have the same issue, i have more than 30000 BTT in app , a transferend to the in chain and the day after i no long can access my wallet, on Bittorrent web is always syncing, is this a scam?   ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Best regards

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Thanks everyone for the reports.

The case when Speed refuses to connect to remote application is very rare and intermittent. The problem is related to the way how Windows initiates and assigns port numbers to applications. For unknown reasons sometimes Windows tries to allocated an already taken port to Speed thus Speed cannot use it. 

We cannot change those native Windows mechanisms but we are working on improving user experience in our applications to avoid having this issue in the future. The patch should be released later this quarter.

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34 minutes ago, Magnani95 said:

Is there any hope to get back lost btt? Or they are lost forever and I can stop thinking about them?

We carefully checked each and every report and may officially state that there is no such a thing as "lost" BTT. 

If the Speed interfaces may not be launched for any reason, there is a chance that Speed continues spending tokens when leeching as expected. We recommend to re-install and re-import the wallet but it works not every time unfortunately. 


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