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BTT coins transfer-disappeared


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I've sent 1017 BTT + 1050 BTT + 1064 BTT in total = 3131 BTT on (04/25/21) and the status of the transfer is Completed, but I haven't received anything on my On-Chain Wallet? The Last time I sent 1703 BTT I've received them on 04/21/21 and I still have them in my wallet, but after that I am missing the 3131 BTT coins I've transferred from In-App to On-Chain wallet. I was wondering what is going on and why my BTT coins disappeared and the status says completed? 
Can I get my 3131 BTT coins back? 
Nobody is replying to the support email so I decided to ask here. What is going on ? 
And Also for a 3rd day straight I am not receiving any BTT coins even tough I am seeding 24 hours a day. That never happened before, why is that? 


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As you can see on the pictures - 

my transfers from BTT speed to Binance total BTT coins = 35 694.254807 coins
my btt transfer history = total coins = 38 826.004871
difference = 3131.750064
As you see on the pictures I am exactly missing the marked coins(total 3131 BTT coins) which just disappeared after I sent them from in-app to on-chain on 04/25/2021 and the status says completed which is weird. 



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This is my public address - TDuGbVQqXh8STD3v7M4xi5N6QoczoZtDAj

Can an admin check on TRON network the coins I've transferred. This is the coins I have now. And you can see that 3131 BTT coins are gone and never returned. 



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After careful and detailed investigation we didn’t find any actual cases of BTT “lost” or “stuck” during transactions. Due to many reasons a transaction request may be declined. In this case an open request channel would still exist for up to 24 hours and then gets closed and BTT are returned back to the account. Many users who have been monitoring their balances confirmed the returns. 

In case when the return overlaps with the spendings not technically turned off the returned amount may be almost immediately spent on torrenting.

All of the issues mentioned above are fixed and either released or pending release, so we expect that the majority of Speed users would receive the remedy very soon. 

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