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Is my ISP blocking my Port?


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I'm using a ZyXel modem with the latest uTorrent, and I have port forwarding set up correctly. I use uTorrents little port forward test link (linked from uT itself) and it gives me a green light.

However, after a few days of successful downloading, the little green light on the uTorrent status bar goes red! I run the port forward test again (ensuring the specified port is what my uT is using) and it fails. The only way I've been able to get around this problem is to open a new port on my modem, and change uT to use this new port.

Is this something my ISP is doing? I don't download that much really. In the past 3 weeks I got maybe 2gb. Could it be some other problem?

Many thanks to all at uTorrent for making a fantastic piece of software...

btw, my ISP is btireland.

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Ok, now I'm 100% sure I have a static ip, I just checked:

Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties

* Use the following IP Address:

IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:

* Use the following DNS Server addresses:

Preferred DNS Server:

Alternate DNS Server: (None)

So, anyone got any other ideas? Here's the details of my Modem...


Driver Provider: ZyXel

Driver Date: 12/8/2002

Driver Version: 5.2.3667.0

It's a brand new modem, and I really don't think it's the ISP doing anything. My monthly limit is 20GB, and as I said above I get nowhere near that in my monthly downloads.

Thanks for the help so far Ultima. If you have any other ideas I'd gladly hear them!

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