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Problem with Speed


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45 minutes ago, parano1k said:

Hello there,

after first transfer of BTT in-app to BTT on-chain i have a problem - i can't  even check the wallet cause BittorrentSpeed says that, how can i solve this problem?87e6FRYu.png?download=1&name=%D0%A1%D0%B

Thank you for the report.

The case when Speed refuses to connect to the remote applications is very rare and intermittent. The problem is related to the way how Windows initiates and assigns port numbers to applications. For unknown reasons sometimes Windows tries to allocated an already taken port to Speed thus Speed cannot use it. 

We cannot change those native Windows mechanisms but we are working on improving user experience in our applications to avoid having this issue in the future. The patch should be released later this quarter.

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fixed quite simply:

1. stop your torrent clients 

2. stop uTorrent/BitTorrent processes from Task Manager

3. open File Explorer and type in %AppData% (AppData>Local)

4. find BitTorrent Helper folder and delete it

5. launch your torrent client and rejoyce 

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