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Can't access BTT Speed with KeepSolid VPN active


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I'm having trouble using utorrent with KeepSolid VPN. Obviously with VPN off I'm able to DHL login and connect to nodes. I'm able to access BTT speed through my broswer. Normally I'd be able to access and the link would be as follows: "https://speed.btt.network/gui/index.html?port=XXXXX#/dashboard". However with VPN on, initial start of utorrent trying to access BTT speed, I'll get "Can't access helper UI - try again later." If I try to access my BTT speed while the VPN on, I get this in the browser: "https://speed.btt.network/gui/static/invalid-port/index.html?port=XXXXX", "Please make sure your torrent client is running and relaunch BitTorrent Speed." Which it is.

Platform: Windows 10 (NT-based) 64 bit little-endian
uTorrent 3.3.5 (build 46020)
Avast Free Antivirus 21.3.2459 (build 21.3.6164.661)
Spybot - Search and Destroy Version
KepeSolid VPN App version: 8.4.2

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