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can a torrent be overloaded?


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hey all,

i'm trying to download a torrent with 2000 seeds in the swarm and around 3200 leachers. it's impossible to get anything above 1kb/sec....

though another torrent is chugging away at around 35 kb/sec..with far less seeds and leachers. is there a scenario where a torrent can be so overly populated that only ppl with extremely quick uploads (my max is 14kb/sec) can get a decent download rate?

this torrent is extremely new and i've found it's happened before with new torrents. i just thought its wierd as i was thinking a new torrent with so many users would suck my connection dry.


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If you have LOTS of connections at once to your computer, the normally tiny amount of bandwidth needed to maintain each connection adds up to a huge portion of your total linespeed.

So if you can only upload at 14 KB/sec at best, then if you are connected to 100+ ips you might be lucky to upload at 5 KB/sec.

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