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upload choking download?

leonard hatred

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I've got a rubbish connection to the internet.

Setting my uTorrent upload speed to 'unlimited' seems to ensure i'm pumping out enough data to keep my share ratio above 1:1 and in turn keep my d/l speed at a decent level, but at times the unthrottled u/l speed appears to be consuming ~75% of my total bandwidth.

Is this being profiled against the available d/l speed, and it just happens that i can't get data any faster, or does the client prioritise uploads?

Is it possible to tie my upload throttle to a 1:1.2 (or whatever) up->download ratio so it automatically scales with a volatile torrent?

i only found uTorrent the other day and i've been really impressed with it. Does everything that java thingy but without the painfully slow client. Keep up the good work!

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First thing, you should run the Speed Guide (control-G) in µTorrent to tailor µTorrent's settings for your connection.

The Setup Guide outlines further details. If you max any 1 pipe of your connection, the other one is going to be affected. The best configuration is limiting your upload speed to 80% of your tested upload speed.

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