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Belkin F5D7632 too many connections


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Hi all,

I am using a Belkin F5D7632 wireless router and get the too many connection problems with P2P that so many people seem to get. I've tried reducing the number of connections and the normal fixes to no avail, I also get the problem that the router seems to 'store' up connections, so if I leave it running overnight and return to the computer my web access is knackered even if I close down uTorrent I still get lots of error messages in the router log about too many connections. I have to restart the router to get it working again.

I telnetted into the router and the interface was a conexant one, though I could see no more details about version etc.

This topic http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=8475 contains very useful info about altering some settings for the d-link router to clear out these old connections and improve performance. Does anyone have any info about the same things for this router..?

Any help greatly appreciated.


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You may just have to settle for very conservative settings to reduce how quickly and often your Belkin router encounters overloads.

Reduce the number of torrents running at once to only 1 or 2 at a time. (like 1 downloading and 2 total seeding)

Reduce global connections to less than 100. (I personally use 80, due to being on Win 98SE.)

Reduce connections per torrent to 60. This should be overkill, so go as low as 30 for connections global and per torrent. Even just 10 per torrent should work on decent torrents.

Under advanced settings in µTorrent:

Reduce half-open connections to only 4 and bt.connect_speed to only 10. This reduces how many ips µTorrent tries to cycle through at once. Torrents may not connect to lots of seeds+peers at once like they used to, but it won't overload your router (at least as fast!) this way. You can still end up nearly reaching global and per torrent connection max even with both values set to 1.

Even net.low_cpu=true might help reduce the overload. I doubt it'd hurt. Better a 5-25% loss in download rate (chances are upload will be unaffected 20mins after start) than crashes.

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