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Port open, plethora of seeds/peers, but no DL...Help required


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Uploads are naturally working fine as well.

Up until today I have been doing fine with utorrent. Great download speeds.

I decided to download, and I quickly noticed it was not going anywhere...despite the fact that there were 200 seeds and 600 peers...so I checked the speed diagnostic and it told me that

the port was not forwarded...so I investigated and the problem was that my static IP had changed, because it was set up to be automatically assigned by the DHCP...so that happens sometimes.

Anyway, I went into my router configs, changed the port forward to the right IP address and then ran uTorrents speed diagnostic again, and it gave me the green light--told me it was forwarded properly...however, the torrent is still not downloading..the most it has been at has been 5 kB/s.

Anyone know what's going on here?

Thanks :)

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