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Torrents work fine, but rest of Internet access dies.,


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When I am downloading torrents, I have no trouble whatsoever. I reach steady speeds of up to 1024 kB/s (I'm on an 8 Mbit/s line) behind a Sitecom WL-122 router. The computer I download on is connected by UTP, (100 Mbit/s) as well as my laptop. One other computer is on W-LAN (108 Mbit/s).

The problem that occurs though, is that one some torrents (most actually, but certainly not all) I lose the ability to browse webpages, get email, ping, tracert, ssh, everything besides the uTorrent times out, including MSN conversations. This happens for all computers at once, none of them can go online while the torrent is running. Also when I download at low speeds, like 10 kB/s or 300 kB/s, it doesn't matter, the internet connection is gone.

The listening port is forwarded correctly, all internal computers have static ip's and I get the green light. This has been going on for a few months now, does anybody have an idea?

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