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Constant Drop(disconnection) while downloading


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Hi all.

I just started using utorrent and experiencing drop outs of the ADSL connection

during downloads. It occurs about every 2 hours or so. Very annoying.

I've read other faqs and it seems theres no solution for it. Is it the modem firmware problem?

Please help.many thanks.

PS. I have followed the setup guide , port forwarding ..,everything seems to be fine. getting decent speed too.

Im using 24M/1M ADSL. (average 250kbps/ 100kbps),Netcomm NB5 .I've make sure my upload speed /global connection is reasonable.

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I have a Billion BiPac 5100 4 port ADSL modem/router.

Upload limit: 15kBps

Upload slots: 30

Connections (per torrent): 150

Connections (global): 600

Max active torrents: 6

Max active downloads: 2

I too have followed the setup guide and tweaked a few other settings as can be seen here. The speeds are fine, but my modem locks up also about every few hours, and needs to be physically restarted.

This problem doesn't happen with Azureus, but I also have seen less connections and stuff for Azureus.

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Ok, whether you know it or not...your settings qualifies you as worse than a "pure" leech.

You are only uploading at 15 KB/sec total...yet splitting it 30 ways PER torrent with up to 6 torrents at once.

With 6 torrents, that's 180 TOTAL upload slots! Each one can get 0.083 KB/sec.

The connection overhead to keep up with all that eats into your real upload bandwidth to the point that it probably runs like a dog (websurfing slows way down for instance) and may even crash unstable networking hardware and software!

...you mentioned something about your modem crashing? :P

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So can you please change the settings I have to values that are better suited.


PS: I never know about the pure leacher thing either. I always left my downloaded stuff to seed, but I was always wondering why it never got seeded more than a like 5 or 6 mb, even after many weeks of seeding...

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Assuming there's a reason for the slow upload speed, I'll show a balanced set of numbers based on uploading at 15 KB/sec:

Upload limit: 15kBps

Upload slots: 3

Connections (per torrent): 60

Connections (global): 80

Max active torrents: 2

Max active downloads: 2

The 80 connections max and 60 per torrent will probably mean the first torrent to start gets the 'lions share' of the connection and should finish first. When it goes into seeding mode, it will drop all connected seeds and allow the next torrent a moment to connect to more people to get better download speeds.

Trying to start lots of torrents at once will mean new torrents will start when each download finishes (instead of seeding each to >100%) unless you set seeding priority to true. This is VERY important to enable to prevent being banned from private trackers for downloading without returning the favor.

Even this will only be uploading at 2.5 KB/sec per upload slot...a little on the low side, but about all that can be done with only 15 KB/sec upload if you're wanting to offer what you hope to receive in return.

I'm a firm believer that 2 or more upload slots PER torrent are neccessary to "find" fast connections to upload back to you, however going much higher than 10 total upload slots with anything short of 40+ KB/sec upload speeds causes the law of diminishing returns to render the extra upload slots worthless.

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