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Correct Port Forwarding Settings but No Port Forwarding!


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I've been trying to successfully set up port forwarding for a couple of days now to no avail. I can download ok though. My connection to my computer is through a Dlink 704p Rev 3 router so I followed those instructions on portforward.com. I've followed all settings within utorrent's preferences as per this forum and a couple of blogs but nothing seems to work.

As I don't know much about settings and such here's what I think the problem is (but don't know how to solve it)... My ISP gives me a dynamic IP address, my did a cmd through windows 'run' and got my private IP address and used that to set up my router. However doing an online IP address check I get a completely different address (I assume the dynamic one) and it is this address that utorrent is using to test port forwarding. That's why its not working.

As current, I've screwed up some settings within the router (trying to fiddle around with IP adresses) and can't get access to router settings/gateway anymore and as I type i've bypassed the router and made connection direct to comp. Phew!

Anyone have any ideas or am I just a noob!?!


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Actually, µTorrent is supposed to check your dynamic internet ip. If you've port-forwarded correctly, then packets to the dynamic internet ip will port-forward "into" your LAN to you.

However, port-forwarding is often NOT enough! There may be software firewalls hidden in antivirus software or anti-spyware software...that can kill incoming traffic.

It's sort of like having a castle with a "firewall" as an outer wall surrounded by a "router" moat. Gets even more complicated when your ISP starts blocking torrent traffic...like having a minefield in front of your moat.

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