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iv been useing utorrent for some time now but when i went to download a file its saying it cannot find the path

and i can still open utorrent and others can still uplaod off me .......

do i have deleat the program and start again ? will i lose all the files iv got ?

please help ....... thanks you


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still having the same problem iv done all the things you told me to look at and that still did not help :(

How do I fix Error: Unable to save the resume file?

Simply create two blank files named "settings.dat" and "resume.dat" (without the quotes) in the same folder utorrent.exe is saved in. Make sure Windows is not hiding the file extension when creating the file (in Explorer, Tools -> Folder Options -> View, uncheck "Hide extensions for known file types", hit OK)

all i get not when i try to download a file is ( when i do the above ) is this program used by a nother program

so all i can do now is let other upload from me


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