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"Torrent already in list" -- Where?


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uTorrent v1.6.

There are times when I add a torrent (by clicking a .torrent link from Firefox), uTorrent says "Torrent already in list. Do you want to load the trackers?"

I'm confused. Where is the torrent in the list?

As a workaround, I open the Application Data\uTorrent directory, then I double click on the .torrent file... and there, uTorrent happily adds it to its list (finally). But this gets rather painful for every file.

The reason why this happens is maybe because of our complex configuration.

- We have a Windows 2003 Server Enterprise SP1 running Active Directory

- Our users are configured to login into the domain using roaming profiles (including my own)

- Our workstation computers (Windows XP SP2 with TCPIP patch applied) are configured using Deep Freeze on the System (C:) drive. Which means every data on drive C: is returned to its original state on every reboot.

- A user will have a home directory in the server, which is mapped to drive M:. Users are discouraged to store directly in My Documents because the synchronization process every logon/logoff will be [very] slow for profiles containing huge My Documents files

This works well on "most" applications. Since technically any user-aware application should store everything user-specific on user stuff (like user registry, user profiles, user's My Documents, etc.) and leave machine specific settings on the machine (which is configured at the time we install uTorrent on the machine, before we froze the workstation using Deep Freeze). Machine specific settings will include port numbers / UPnp settings. Download locations are user-specific settings.

Well, I'm trying to provide as much information here so I hope uTorrent developers can fix this. Thank you.

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If so, how come if I opened the .torrent from Application Data\uTorrent, uTorrent can add it to the list and start downloading?

It's true that I have added the .torrent before. But it's "gone" (from the list, that is) after I restarted the machine (and it's not completely downloaded yet). The problem lies because uTorrent refuses to "re-add" this torrent because it thinks it's already in "the list" (well, the .torrent is there in Application Data\uTorrent but is nowhere in "the list").

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