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Moved to Uni and now utorrent won't work PLEASE HELP!


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Ok I have just recently moved to university, before I moved utorrent worked perfectly and now it won't download or upload.

It detects peers but they won't connect with me, ie nobody appears under the 'peers' tag.

I used a router at home but now at University I am not entirely sure how I am connected.

This is what is stated under 'Network Connections'

Local Area Connections:- Connected and firewalled, Broadcom 440x 10/100 Intergrated controllerspeed

Speed:- 10Mbps

1394 Connection:- Connected and Firewalled, 1394 Net Adapter

Speed:- 400.0Mbps

Please Help!!!!!!!!!

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1394 is Firewire. It's not an internet connection. You can't do anything if you're firewalled by your university if UPnP and/or Protocol Encryption doesn't help, unless you want to try getting friendly with your network administrators in hopes that they'd open a port for you.

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Your only 1 network connection anyway and if its the university LAN then forwarding any port or anything outwitht the university wll automatically go through the uni. they can basically see everything your doing on their server. i've tried over and over but i can't download torrents at all. i know there is a way but i still havent found it. my friend suggested to simply buy your own cheap broadband. that seems the only solution so far. i've done everythin i've seen on the forums. nothin is working. no matter wht you do your web browsing and web connection is being monitored and no Upnp is aloud. if you read the university terms they tend to say thatany form of upnp usage or download software is not supported by the universtiy and is against all their regulations. sorry. i'll get back if i find a way around it

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