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Running uTorrent disconnects MSN Messenger every few minutes.


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I googled a topic from these boards awhile ago, tried all suggested in that topic and nothing worked (I can't locate it with either google or forum search here now).

I'm using the latest version of utorrent (1.6) and the latest version of Messenger (Live, 8.0.0812)

My MSN Messenger just brings me back to the login screen but if i reconnect manually it's almost instant. The problem is, I lose connection to MSN servers before it disconnects me, so the messages that others send to me and I try to send in the period before I actually see the disconnect dont' get sent.

For the past few weeks I ended up turning off utorrent when I used MSN, but I usually like to leave my MSN on all the time.

I'v tried pl aying with the peer connection stuff, downloading some tool that changed the default connects from 10-> 50 or so. No change.

I think this is the most relevant board to put this, but I may be wrong :P


SUMMARY: I use latest versions of MSN, utorrent, and router firmware but MSN disconnects me often. Is there a solution?

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You may just need to limit µTorrent to considerably fewer connections and lower half-open connections.

If that doesn't help, it's probably DHT, UPnP, or resolve ip/show country flag features in µTorrent that are just too much for your setup and need to be disabled.

(They may be too much due to spyware, viruses, bad firewalls, bad routers, or buggy network-using software.)

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