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upload speed problems


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I seem to be haveing a upload speed problem this is what is going on

my download is grate it is the 300kbs to 400kbs

i am all set up properly ports set i am connected got green light

but my uploads go way to slow takes 3 to6 hours to download 3gb torrent

but takes 3 to 5 days to upload it back i am connected on both ends

i use 0 download speed and upload speed of 11200 witch comes out to 10.9mbs

just woundering if my settings are roung

becouse peers cut in and out all the time it will show 6 peers but i am only seeding

1or 2 of them

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well it dosent mader how may seeders or peers my download is very fast

and my upload is very slow but this is after i finsh downloading when it slows

down to nothing it starts 50 seeders 20 peers upload gos fine at this point

but when i finish downloading there will be 10 peers left but iam only seeding 2 or 3

of them the rest keep poping in and out like they are trying to seed of me

i dont no if they just cant connect to me or me to them but ports are open and i do

have a green connection light

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