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connections getting hung?


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I really like this client and for the most part now its ideal.

I observed some strange behaviour just now though.

I was downloading from a seed varying from 30k to 120k/s on a 7GB torrent and as you can imagine was very happy to be connected to him.

Suddenly my connection to the client terminated and didnt come back, I waited over 1/2hr.

I stopped and restarted the single torrent and I didnt get the connection back.

I waited about 10 mins and restarted uTorrent.

Now I am reconnected to the fast seed, have been for over 5 mins and am very happy again.

Can this behaviour be prevented?

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It happened again. the client disconnected and download speed dropped to near zero. I left it for a minute to make sure it wouldnt reconnect and it didnt.

I stopped uTorrent and reloaded it and the fast client connected immediately.

It looks like connections can get hung in some way.

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