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who has this problem?


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the problem is that utorrent stoped working at about 10;30 gmt. why i dont know, but i cna safely say it is not down to my pc because i live in student flats , with 6 other people all of which use utorrent. and all of which have the same problem all of a sudden after months of working fine.

the problem everything has stoped and gone to 0 other than peers coneecting. the swarm has gone both on seeders and on peers.

and i have seen post's reguarding this posted all day, and i have yet to see an answer.

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nope not worked. but i think i have found the source of the problem, after running a speed test i am running at 485 kbs on a 2 meg line, so i called my isp again and they have said that due to an upgrade the entire united kingdom was affected and should be back up and running after 12 noon tommrorw. however this only applies to ntl customers.

ntl customers in the united kingdom need to call 08000524315 to see if there area is affected. if there city, town or ur in the surrounding area you will be affected untill tommrmow. when the optimisation finish's

this is why ut suddenly went dead at between 10:30 and 12 noon today. if you get any more threads like this then this is the reason. as it seems its isolated to the uk, unless ntl has done this to other countries today too.

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