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Problem with utorrent 1.6


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Wonder if anyone is facing similar problem. I upgraded utorrent 1.5 to 1.6 and suddenly I lost the little green sign at the bottom of utorrent and my torrent doesnt download.

However under the General Tab - Status - activities is showing tracker status being updated etc... i can leave the utorrent 1.6 on the whole nite and it will never download.

I reverted to 1.5 - download the same torrent and lo! it works! it downloads! i can see the beautiful green indicator at the bottom...

I am using XP Pro with all the latest updates. I have check the firewall (afterall 1.5 works) and have of course check the port forwading... no clue what's happening....

Would appreciate some advice from veterans or the administrator?


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tks for the reply firon.

I am using Win XP firewall and have removed and reinstall utorrent in the exception list. i have tried having 3 utorrent client running from different folders which effectively create 3 utorrent in the exception list and it dont work too..

i have tried using the standalone and the installer version of 1.6 - still no good.. could it be a bug? no one else is facing this problem?

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