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Need Help config. Utorrent correctly for my connection...DETAILED


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Hellow, im using a DSL QWEST connection my speakeasy speed-test is saying im at 2580 kbps Download 531 kbps Upload so im at a 322 / 66 KB

i have done the TCP optimizer / done the TCPIP.sys i currently have my utorrent settings at 57 upload.....unlimited download (as i dont use my net when torrent downloading or seeding) 620 global connections, 40 connected peers per torrent 8 number of upload slots...and my download on EVERY torrent ive tried (dozens) is HALF of my upload which is about 57 KB....im getting CRAP downloads on my torrents while uploading sometimes twice as much as i end up downloading my ratio or w/e says 1.045 if thats any good...i try to seed while i sleep if i can ever get the damn torrent downloaded...can anyone help me config this right to help my download if im contributing so much to benefit a little more than 50% of my uploads...i use a DSL modem to connect to the net BTW no router or anything...if that helps. Thank You. =D

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