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Connection Problems


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Hi All,

I'm just having a few connection problems with uTorrent...

My config is....

Modem : DSL-302G - Optus Australia

Router : DI-704UP Configured as Port Fowarding 49500, on ip (Static IP)

Computer : Windows XP Media Centre Edition, 3.2GHZ Intel Processor, 1GB Ram (1024 for the smart ones)

I keep getting either the Red or Yellow network symbol....I have been to portforward.com several times.

I own Norton Internet Security 2006, but I have opened all the utorrent ips and ports.

My Motherboard's chipset is an AsUs Intel P4P800 with an intergrated 3Com Gigabit LOM Model No. 3C940



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Norton is known to cause µTorrent everything from minor problems to complete system crashes.

...Is that a D-Link router?

(They're nealy pieces of junk for purposes of BitTorrent...best you can hope for is disable DHT, UPnP, don't use DMZ, and reduce connections from the appropriate xx/## k setting for your line.)

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