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Need a little help


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My speeds are very bad and are often at a standstill. I think my problem is that i'm running my laptop through a wireless router (d-link DI-524), which is then connected to an adsl modem (DSL -504G). I have been throught the whole portforwarding malarky and i've given my laptop a static ip.

I am just not sure what i have to do with the adsl modem... I had a look on portforwarding but unfortunetly the router software looks totally different...

Please help....

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Please tell us what ISP you have...some ISPs are extremely hostile towards BitTorrent traffic and throttle it down to a fraction of their rated line speeds, a few all the way to 0.

Also please post the values you use for all the settings shown on the Speed Guide (CTRL+G) screen...and also any advanced setting you changed from default.

Even without knowing any of that,

The D-Link router cannot handle UPnP, DMZ, or DHT.

Wireless connections don't like lots of connections at once...even more than 50 may be too many.

Half-open connections should be kept low, you may even need to reduce that value in µTorrent to 4.

And port forwarding needs to be done on the router and possibly the modem (bridge mode probably best for it) as well.

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K, sorry but i'm a bit confused to some of what you have said...

Firstly thanks for talking the time to help me....

My ISP is iinet in Australia....

My speed settings are upload limit 92kbs, upload slots 6, Connections per torrent 100, Connections Global 600, Max active torrents 6 and active downloads is 5. Haven't changed anything from default.

I have UPnP deselected as recommended by portforwarding, and dont know what DMZ or DHT are :(

I need to create a bridge but have no idea how to do that....

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You need to do a lot of reading and learning about these terms...and what you already have hardware-wise!

I can't do that for you. :(

DMZ is a router setting NOT recommended to be used on D-Link routers, as it destroys data.

You need to find a router manual -- download it for your router from D-Link.

Same for your modem -- download it from whoever made your modem.

Don't know their websites? (hint: use GOOGLE)

Your ISP offers only a very limited bandwidth useage per month...so you probably should reduce your settings to a considerably lower value -- otherwise you risk getting shaped/throttled down to probably less than 16 KB/sec total! ...Come to think of it, upload bandwidth said 'free' -- so you probably NEED to read exactly what internet plan you have to know what you can do.

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