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Latest info on Nettgain and hash fails


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This is intended for anyone who uses Nettgain, which I assume would only be those with a satellite internet connection.

A while back I discovered that by disabling Nettgain my hash fails were reduced to being very rare, and as such my ISP has now upgraded Nettgain and I have been able to re-enable it without the recurrence of numerous hash fails.

The version of Nettgain is now, the old version was

So if you use Nettgain and have the old version and are experiencing numerous hash fails, you might see if your ISP will upgrade it to the newer version. I've been using it enabled for about a week now and have encountered only 1 hash fail, running uTorrent 24 hours per day. It doesn't appear to have much effect on my UL or DL speed though, but since it is having no detrimental effect I will leave it enabled.

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