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No Solution??? or someone can help?


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I have done almost everything and i can't download correctly. I have fritz box fon (annex a) my line is D:2048 and U:256 and i use a firewall to. Fritz is a modem router and supports UPNP. I have forward the port to fritz for utorrent and to the firewall. The icon on the bar was yellow before i forward the port manually despit upnp was enabled in fritz and in utorrent. The icon is green after i forward the port but the best d is 20 with upsidedowns all the time. I have gave the exact u 256 and it goes until 23.5 despite utorrent says 22 in speed guide but i lower it in case it was choking but it was the same thing. I have put in tcpip.sys 50 and then 100 but nothing. I have put net.max_halfopen to 4 from the default 8 but nothing. The availability of the torrent is between 30.992-37.994 as i saw. I even changed peer.lazy_bitfield from true to false but nothing. I don't now if RSS can help me somehow. I will give some informations in a raw in case anyone can help me.

I have xp pro w/sp2

I have UT 1.6 (build 474)

I have the patch for tcpip.sys

My current num in tcpip.sys is 10

I have upnp enabled in fritz and in UT

I have forward the tcp port manually in fritz

Speed guide is set for 256 upload

Additional bit tor features are enabled except ip/host

Prot Encryp is enabled and the legacy conns

net.max_halfopen is 8

peer.lazy_bitfield is true

bt.connect_speed is 20

bandwith allocation is set to normal

Thanks for anything anyone can provide me.

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