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Enhanced Scheduler


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Opening post based on discussion from this thread: http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=14565&p=13

I was suggesting an enhanced scheduler... so that instead of only changing the download speed, you could do action based scheduling. (uTorrent feature, not only webui) Start the action at specific times or every "X" minutes since program start.

Actions could be something like:

"Set download speed to:[value]"

"Set upload speed to:[value]"

"Force Update Tracker:[torrent number]"

"Add peer [iP:port]"

"Set max connections:[value]"

"Set upload slots per torrent:[value]"

"Stop All Torrents"

"Start All Torrents"

"Stop Torrent [torrent number]"

"Start Torrent [torrent number]"


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@WebReaper: Yah the latter of you mentioned the two was exactly what ICleolion and I were asking in the previous thread. It seems he wants to force a connection, but connections can ABSOLUTELY NOT be forced in BitTorrent. And yeah, tracker updates happen periodically anyway, no point scheduling something that is periodic O.o

The premise for the feature request is reasonable in itself, though.

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Those were just examples of options.

The purpose would be enabling a better way of managing the torrents even individually, and on a more dynamic system.

I'm sure many people will be happy with a scheduler of this kind, and wouldn't be so many feature requests for scheduler improvements on a specific point, like speed and specific time schedules, as I have seen here in the forums.

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One improvement I would really like to see in the scheduler is the ability to set download speed to 0. This doesn't sound like a very difficult thing to do, but at the moment, setting download speed to 0kB/s means unlimited.

I would like to be able to upload but not download at certain times, because my provider limits downstream but not upstream traffic. Setting it to 1kB/s is OK, but not preferable, and when I get close to my monthly limit, I must disable uTorrent altogether.

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@Ultima The "Add peer" function already exists in uTorrent, allowing the scheduler to manage that is just a small step. I use that function to manually add local IP's that due to proxy are reported by the tracker as proxyIP:port. The port fowarding in the network doesn't work well, probably due to firewall rules.

So basically by using the internal LAN-IP I can "force" the communication between the two clients. Of course they have to work with the normal rules, I simply add another peer to the list. If they have something to share, they usually do it.

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I'm still not seeing how that'd work. If you're trying to add an IP that's already in µTorrent's peer list, it'll just ignore it. If you're trying to add new IPs... where are you getting those IPs from? Or do you have some list on hand that functions like a backup tracker in which you add IPs hoping that the person is also running the same torrent as you?

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In the current situation, I manage two uTorrent clients in the same network but in different computers. So I know what IPs and ports they are using. I simply add the internal IP to the peer list. The protocol does the rest.

If you are going to ask why two computers in the same network? Basically they are capped in the router, i.e. each node only gets like 50% of the router max external bandwidth. So using 2 "linked" uTorrent clients I can enhance the downloads (approx 95% of bandwidth). The traffic between the computers it's not capped so the share at +1Mb/s.

As you said, if the IP is already in the peer list uTorrent simply ignores it. But the fact is that sometimes the IP is deleted from the peer list. And due to proxy reason (descibed above) it won't get the internal IP again. So manual action is required. This would be where the scheduler enter, making this step automatic.

This situation was tested and in fact gives better results when sharing internally. I used to use Azureus that has a somewhat LAN support that probes the LAN for other clients. This removes the need of adding the IPs manually as they are managed automatically by Azureus. I don't know exactly how Azureus work, but it gets the job done.

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Good day to all.

I, too, am looking for a slightly enhanced scheduler. My request is pretty simple: allow me to set 2 levels of reduced bandwitdh.

The reason is that I operate uTorrent at work. Upload speed during daytime working hours is set just low enough that other users don't notice unacceptable Internet performance.

I allow uTorrent to operate faster when I'm the only one at work. Again, set just fast enough that I don't notice unacceptable performance.

What I'd like to have is another scheduler setting that allows uTorrent to operate at full possible speed when I'm not here. If there is no one in the building, I don't care that Internet performance is unacceptable.

Think of it as 2 shifts working here at work.

1) low speed since many users access the Internet and demand top performance.

2) medium speed - I'm the only one in the building and *I* demand acceptable performance.

3) the building is empty - let 'r rip!

Many thanks!


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