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fast openoffice torrent and every thing else is slowwwwwwwww


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hi all

i tried the test torrent that you always recommend to test the speed (openoffice )

and it give me almost a perfect speed between 35-45 KB

( i have a 512 Kb D/ 128 Kb U)

but when i try to download other files it give me a very little speed between 5-10 KB

what could be the cause

is it the torrents trackers ?

or could be other reasons for that ?

thanks for all help


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i used 128XX configuration

but i increased the number of active and downloading torrents

as follow

1 active --> i put 5 active

1 downloading --> i put 3 downloading

i tried to stick to the 128XX config (only one active torrent ) and it do me no good

the torrents speed is too low :(

any ideas please



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It could just be the torrents you're on are full of older BitComet/BitLord clients that are almost hostile towards µTorrent...or even each other for that matter. See if there's any pattern with what you connect to and if you're uploading more to them than getting back. A minor difference, even 2:1 isn't such a big deal. But when someone has more of the torrent than you do and you've already given them 4x what they've given in return, it may be due to poor settings on their end.

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