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Is this Speed good?


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WAAAW you have a 100Mbit connection :o

no man the download speed is very bad

i guess that you should forward your port

try to search this forum for a thread the shows how to do port forwarding

and about your question

why a torrent file I am downloading is also uploading something.?

it is normal

since the torrent is a sharing community

so if you are taking data you should be giving something back to the community

i guess that you need to search for a simple introduction to the torrent technology ;)

and read it

it will help you understand things much clearer


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yes, that is bad speed, hopefully you just didnt forward a port, and your uploading while ur downloading b/c it saves you time and helps the community, the files ur downloading are being provided by regular people like urself, using up their bandwidth to help others, its how the community works. It is asked that everyone seed or provide back in uploads at least what you take, or the torrent will die b/c there is no one left to provide it. But ya, just do a simple search for a torrent FAQ or something, it is helpful and may help ur speeds too

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"hopefully you just didnt forward a port, and your uploading while ur downloading b/c it saves"

What does this mean please? Should i not open the ports and not uploading while downloading?

The people in my peer list have same speed, only my friend downloade once 100kb/s. I used same settings as him but it doesn't work. I opened some Ports but this also doesn't work. (cry)

Edit: In the my protocll is written: Unable to map UPnP Port. Also I didn't choose a proxy server. Could that be the problem?

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You only need to forward 1 incoming port (the one µTorrent is set to use) if you are behind a router, although some modems do have a router hidden in them too that may need to be forwarded or put in bridge mode.

If you manually forward the 1 incoming port, you can disable UPnP in both µTorrent AND in the router's settings.

Try enabling Protocol Encryption with legacy connections allowed.

Also enable Peer Exchange.

You may need to disable DHT and resolve ip/resolve country flags as well.

Try stopping/pausing all your torrents and running Speed Guide (CTRL+G)...in it do the speed tests to see if your line is actually capable of reaching 100Mbit speed.

After that, choose the Speed Guide settings that closest matches your UPLOAD speed results.

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for testing your bandwidth on a 100/100 conn i'd recomend http://tptest.se/ if you are located in or close to sweden, as none of the speedtesters can handle such speeds otherwise. i'm also on a 100/100 conn, testing against a typical speed test page gives me hardly 10/10 however, with tptest i hit above 90 from time to time. Have you tried a diffrent torrent? a well seeded torrent should boost your download speed.

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