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"Temporary" port forwarding...


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I've been attempting to port forward uTorrent for a while, and I'd given up all hope and decided I was simply doing it wrong. Then, recently, while giving it one last go, I noticed something:

Whenever I configure uTorrent with a new port and forward that port in my router, the green OK light goes on - in other words, everything is working fine. However, less than a minute later, the light turns back to yellow, indicating a port forwarding problem. While it's green, I see a notable burst of good performance that is cut back as soon as the green disappears.

I suspect that this means my ISP is somehow blocking my ports as fast as I can forward them. I'm not entirely sure though, so I was hoping for some input before I go ahead and call them.

My configuration is a Linksys wireless/wired router (WRT something) connected to the modem provided by my ISP. I don't believe the modem acts as a router, because it only has one ethernet port.

Any help appreciated.

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