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Not connecting to peers/seeds


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I have my port forwarded and green light.

Pics you might have something with:




net.max_halfopen is set to 8.

Well my problem is I'm barely connecting to seeds and peers,while there are many..

Could any1 give me a explanation/solution of this?

Openoffice goes with 450-550 kB/s..

I don't have any firewall,only kaspersky anti virus,which is shut down while I am uploading/dling and even if i keep it on it does nothing with effecting torrents =]

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You need to lower the upload limit cause is choking your line and you might need to lower the global connections to. If you get the same then you should take the TCPIP.sys and try 50,100,200. Probability of your line (BUT NOTHING IS SURE) is 200 and net.max_halfopen to 80 but no more than 80% of of the TCPIP given. Hope you get something.

The 1st link of Ultima will provide you the TCPIP.SYS and you should check the 2nd to.

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