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µTorrent Settings Optimizer is GONE!


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That website gave out settings that were very bad for anyone on marginal networking hardware and software.

Please use the Speed Guide (CTRL+G) instead.

Once you find out about how the setting interlink, you can probably tweak the values a little bit and get slightly better results.

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Here's slightly more aggressive settings for your connection than Speed Guide recommends:

1 megabit/sec upload (1024 kilobits/sec)

Upload Limit: 80 KB/sec...or up to 100 KB/sec if your download speed isn't impacted too much by it.

Alternate upload while not downloading: 100 KB/sec...up to 110 KB/sec if your web surfing isn't impacted too much by it.

Upload Slots: 4 -- also check use additional upload slots if uploading at <90%!

Global Connections: 900

Connections Per torrent: 100

Max active torrents: 10

Max active downloads: 6

Half open connection limit: 40 (but must also be patched to 50 or 100 in Win XP)

Note: I consider it VERY important to maintain a good upload speed per upload slot! If you're not giving back to others at a reasonable rate, you're really just exploiting them for your benefit and may be killing the torrents you're downloading.

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