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I using wireless internet connection (128kb/s) and can't open port on router. I was called my internet provider, but they don't want to open port on router.

My upload speed is very, very slow. On every few minutes my upload speed go to 3KB/s and then slowly decrease till reach 0KB/s. After few minutes again increase to 3KB/s and again slowly decrease...

What can I do to accelerate my upload speed?

Download is OK, app. 13-14KB/s. It is normal for wireless internet connection (128kb/s).



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Yes, Protocol Encryption should get around the primative blocking/throttling methods many wireless ISPs use.

Have you tried Speed Guide (CTRL+G) settings for xx/128k upload speed?

You may need to reduce global connections and connections per torrent considerably, as wireless doesn't always handle them stably as wired would. Nor are you likely to see ANY speed boost having more than 30 connections per torrent. If anything, beyond 30 you may even see a speed drop just from wasting all the bandwidth holding open that many connections at once.

Fewer connections will also keep your ISP more in the dark that you are running BitTorrent...that they are trying so hard to block. You may not be breaking any rules, after all BitTorrent *IS* part of the internet now...but your ISP is out to make money and since they are blocking severely, at the customer's expense and happiness.

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