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Got 2 net connections, one makes my comp really slow with uTorrent


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I have two internet connections.

One of them is my school internet, using uTorrent with this I have never noticed my computer slow down once. My comp is always 100% fine no matter how many connections I have or how many torrents I got.

My second connection is a 10MB down 1MB up. This connection works perfectly (unfirewalled ISP). Problem is when I use uTorrent with +10 torrents it often will slow my whole computer down drastically. The more torrents I start the slower it does (more delay, even as I write this, the keyboard buffer is being used a lot :P)

My global max connection with my first connection is often +500 (even though it never reaches) but on my second I bring it down to 50 global max and its still laggy...

Its like uTorrent is sending 2 many signals which causes uTorrent to kind of freeze as it waits to send the other signals (kind of like a endless loop)... or something like that..

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Lower half open all the back down to 8 again. If that removes most/all of the problems, THEN consider raising it back up slowly. But if you haven't patched Win XP SP2, you will ALWAYS have some degree of problems beyond 8 half-open limit in µTorrent.

Even if you patched Windows (or are on a windows version not crippled by such settings), OTHER components may have problems -- hardware such as a router, modem, or software such as a firewall or antivirus/antispyware with netmonitoring features.

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