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Zone Alarm


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Hi Guys,

After installing zone alarm sercurity suite, whenever i start utorrent for a period of time, the

"true vector shutdown" error message is shown....

When utorrent is not running i have no such problems.......below is my utorrent settings

Global max no. of connections>>1000

max no. of connected peers per torrent>>250

no. of upload slots per torrent>>8

check>>use additional upload slot if upload spd<90%

check>>enable NHT network

check>>enable NHT for new torrents

check>>ask tracker for scrape info

check>>enable peer exchange

ip/hostname to report to tracker:nil

outgoing protocol encrytion:enable

check>>allow incoming legacy connections

max no. of active torrent (upload or download):30

max. no. of active download:30

the rest is by default

Anyone has the same problem as me? Any solutions?

Thank you!!

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